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Construction & Casting Series Cenosphere is an excellent choice for companies whose products are used in the construction and building materials industry.These high strength, low-density spheres provide many distinct advantages including cost saving, improved flow rates, durability and thermal insulation, density reduction, etc.

Oil Drilling Series Cenosphere is an excellent choice for use by service companies in the oilfield industry.   In oilfield cementing applications, Oil DrillingSeries spheres decrease the slurry density without increasing the water content.   This in turn provides better compressive strengthto the cement.

Paint & Coating Series Cenospheres are utilized in adhesives, sealants, grouts, cements, mortars, roofing materials, mastics, wall boards, ceiling boards, flooring materials, laminates, moldings, castings, insulating materials, and many types of industrial coatings.In many applications, Paint and Coating Series cenosphere can be used instead of the more expensive microsphere or glass bubble products.

Special Application Series Cenosphere are an excellent choice for companies that have special application or that require more unique particle size cenosphere

● Special Application Series 300A is a high alumina content product. There cenospheres have less silica and more alumina as part of their composition. 

● Special Application Series 600L is a large particle size product. It is an excellent choice for use in foundries. 

● Special Application Series 500S is our most standard produced product. It has a larger particle size distribution and works well across many applications.

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