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1, What is the raw material of activated bleaching earth?

A green-yellow water-swelling clay material was discovered near Rock River,Wyoming in 1898 by a U.S. Geological scholar, Wilbur C. Knight. This material was given the name “bentonite” because it was originally found in the place named "FortBeton". The global bentonite ore zone is mainly distributed in the areas of the circum-Pacific belt, the circum-Indian Ocean belt, and the Mediterranean-BlackSeabelt. Among them, the circum-Pacific belt is the main producing area. Chinese bentonite mineral resources belong to the circum-Pacific ore zone.

According to incomplete statistics, Chinese bentonite mineral resources have been more than eight billion tons, accounting for 60% of global quantity. More than 400 bentonite mines have been found and distributed in 23 provinces and regions of China.

Qingdao Eastchem Inc. is situated in the field of Betonite. Chinese large reserves of bentonite have laid a solid foundation for us to produce bentonite products, explore the research on relevant betonite products , expand the market and improve our competitiveness. We will provide our clients with the products of high quality and reasonable price through our continuous efforts.

2, How to choose different specifications?

Please contact our sales department at e-mail address on your specific requirements, we will recommend the appropriate specifications for you.

3, How to choose a correct product if I do not know the specific requirements?

Please inform us your application, the original supplier, the original source and the original specifications.

4, Handling of sample

a.Please keep the sample under sealed, cool and dry condition.

b.Please retain some sample for future reference and comparison with actual goods purchased if necessary .

c. Once the sample open and expose to the air, quality of the product will deteriorate. Please discard it and use a new sample.

5, Can I have a sample order?

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check our quality.

Contact our sales department at e-mail address and tell us your require product. We can provide free sample, kindly provide us the DHL, UPS or TNT account for freight collection.

6, The comparison test and the post test

The experiments of different samples should be carried out in the same condition, such as temperature, pressure, heating time ,in order to obtain a good comparison.

If the sample passes the test, we suggest to keep part of the sample as standard sample in order to compare with the product in the future orders.

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