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Diatomaceous Earth


Product Name:Diatomaceous Earth
CAS No: 61790-53-2
HS NO.:25120000
Application: Filter
Packing:20kgs/30kgs/50kgs/1000kgs or arranged according to your request

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Diatomaceous earth beer filter/diatomite 300#/10#400#/700#



Diatomaceous earth beer filter/diatomite 300#/10#400#/700#




Food grade

The 10#,20#,300# apply to :Edible oil filtration, Brewing beverage products(beer, liquor, wine, beverage syrup, fruit juice, enzymes and other agents)

Industrail grade

The 700#,1000#,3000# apply to :Petroleum oil filtration,lube oil and so on

       The TS2/TS5 apply to:Diatomite chemical filtering-aid for cast tube paints

Diatomaceous earth carrier

In many applications of diatomite, it is play an important role ---- carrier.

Diatomite and pesticide mixture, can enhance the adsorption of pesticides, so as to effectively kill pests.

Diatomite and animal feed mixed, can effectively remove the parasites and harmful substances in animals.

Wastewater treatment.The addition of diatomite to the wastewater flocculation process, the diatom can play the role of flocculation core body, accelerate the sedimentation of sedimentation, reduce sludge volume; at the same time there are certain physical adsorption of diatomite decolorization and facilitate the role of sludge dewatering.


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